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Designed to reduce and prevent assaults using guns and other weapons, the Canadian Criminal Code has substantial penalties for those convicted of crimes involving weapons. Potentially, convicted persons face lengthy mandatory minimum sentences in addition to significant fines. Conviction on a weapons offence charge can have lasting repercussions in your life, including negatively impacting your employability. Travel to the United States and a number of other countries will become difficult or altogether impossible. With your future and freedom at stake, choose an experienced legal team to fight in your corner. Jaki Freeman & Associates provides effective counsel for clients facing weapons charges in Brampton and throughout the GTA.

Fight Weapons Offences with a Dedicated Legal Team

If you are facing charges relating to a weapons offence, it can be a trying and stressful time for you and your loved ones. As seasoned criminal lawyers, the legal team at Jaki Freeman & Associates will do everything possible to fight these charges, and ensure your rights are respected. Our team will examine all the evidence available to ensure the officers have adhered to all required procedures while building their case against you. It is critical to us to ensure your rights are both protected and respected throughout the legal process. We will also make the court aware of any information that will help your case, including upstanding character, consistent employment, whether this is a first offence, and more.

Weapons Offences under Canada’s Criminal Code

Under the Criminal Code, an item that is intended to harm, threaten, intimidate, or cause injury or death to another person can be considered a weapon. This definition includes obvious items like firearms, magazines and ammunition but can also be applied to anything used to bind or tie a person against their will. Weapons offences are characterized under the Criminal Code as use, possession, trafficking, weapon assembly, import/export, and lost, damaged, or destroyed weapons offences. For further detail, we invite you to review some examples on this page.

Use Offences 

  • Pointing a firearm (loaded or unloaded) or other weapon 
  • Careless use or storage of a firearm and/or ammunition
  • Use of a firearm during the commission of an indictable offence

Possession Offences

  • Carrying a concealed weapon
  • Possession of a firearm while knowing possession is unauthorized
  • Unauthorized possession of a firearm, ammunition, or other weapon

Trafficking Offences

  • Trafficking weapons
  • Possession of weapons for the purpose of trafficking
  • Unauthorized transfer of a weapon to another person

Assembling Offences

  • Making an automatic firearm

Import and Export Offences

  • Unauthorized import or export of weapons
  • Import or export of weapons while knowing it is unauthorized

Offences Pertaining to Lost, Damaged or Destroyed Weapons

  • Destroying a firearm
  • Tampering with or removing a serial number
  • Failing to immediately report a lost or found firearm to an officer

Penalties for Weapons Offences

Depending on the nature of the offence, and whether or not it is a first or subsequent offence, the Crown may choose to try the case as a summary or indictable offence. Summary offence charges carry lower sentence maximums, while the sentence for an indictable offence carries a maximum of five years imprisonment for a first offence.

The above information is intended to help you better understand Canada’s legal system, and we hope you find it informative. For more information and to secure legal counsel if you are facing weapons charges, call to schedule your consultation today.

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